King Biwan Lyrics

Ah Yi dah Yi eh eh ya ha
Show way ehh eh wow wo.

Never ever talk on the things way you know
If people go rise
Say you no fit talk
Say you no fit talk
I wonder some people still missed the point
Say if we dey fight
Say Nobody go, love,
And we no go move
Hold that energy for your self me I don’t
Think say am here to fight
Even enemies them never gbes
Brother ah so son toh
Aje gbese.

One round
Two round
See my energy
Will never slow
One round
Two round
See my spirit will never die.


Say everyday me on Poli
Say them go take on my holy…
Bro, I they tell you say fear person who never collects
Raba no they for my wallet
Nothing way commot for toilet
Oluwa bami loke
Me I want hold this money ahh ye…


Body no the rest on check-am brother I they struggle
For anytime I come around they used to tell me say my craft, no they good that standard oluwa waya me comfort
They used to tell me shut up
Way do I go to oh wo wo
Is only one respond
Give me the stamina so I go use am Stan go
Look at my Tomy now
I no they chop better rather to show up
Baba ti ba mi she
No, take me delay
Show them say you they wow wo oh oh ho.

Hook 2

Father me need this money no take it say
Am funny
Everyday early Momo I they pray yeh yeh
Yeh yeh


Eh yah ah ha
Body no they rest on
Body just they work on wo
body no they rest on wow wo
body just they work oh
Show way eh eh yi
Biwan oh hai..

Lyrics written by King Biwan

Written by Achina Wiliams

A prolific writer


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