Lawmakers Impeach The Imo State House Of Assembly Speaker Chief Paul Emeziem

19 out of 27 total lawmakers signed a letter that was read on the floor of the house.

Based on the lawmakers’ views, the Speaker was impeached on allegations of gross misconduct, forgery, abuse of office, and high-handedness.

They immediately elected Kennedy Ibe the member representing the Obowo constituency, as the new Speaker of the House.

Ending last year, the lawmakers, in the same manner, impeached the then Speaker, Collins Chiji.

Chiji was removed from office by the votes of 19 out of the 27 members of the House.

He was impeached over allegations of financial misconduct, high-handedness, and gross misconduct, and many more.

Mr Payaul Emeziem, a member representing Onuimo Local Government Area was immediately elected as then as the new Speaker of the House.

Written by MNM

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