Magistrate Court Song Remands 3 Witches For Killing 1, Tortuning Other

Chief Magistrate Court sitting in Song Local Government Area, Adamawa state on Tuesday, remanded 3 suspected witches accused of killing one and torturing one other for 1 year.

The suspects, Yusuf, Adamu Samaila, and Gaji Mallam Yusuf were ordered to be remanded in custody until 9th November 2021.

Abdulrazaq Adamu, The Chief Magistrate the presiding judge of the court issued the remand order when the accused persons were arraigned before him following a complaint by the victims’ father, Abubakar Umaru.

Abubakar Suleiman, after his health, was restored.

Abubakar Umaru alleged that the accused persons entered his house in the year 2020, and maltreated him by bewitching his 3 children, Nafisa, Suleiman, and Yusuf, and that sometimes later, Yusuf died.

He stated that on the 30th October 2021, he took Suleiman, who had been sick for a year to Sarki Mayu Adamawa, and that when Sarki Mayu applied some herbs on him, the boy started mentioning the names of the suspects.

He informed the court that he was left with no option other than to use them to restore the health of his child.

He urged the court to punish the suspects if tried and found guilty, and that the court should order them to pay him the sum of N500,000, the amount he used in treating his children.

When the complaint was read to the defendants, they all denied bewitching Suleimanu, the sick boy who was also brought to court by his parents.

But when Garkuwa Sarkin Mayu Adamawa was invited into the matter, he asked the boy to lie down on the floor and ordered all the defendants to cross him 3 times.

After they did as ordered, they started confessing that they were the ones that bewitched the child and that they had removed whatever evil thing that they have put in him as ordered by Garkuwa.

The boy stood up and demanded food immediately and demanded food and told Garkuwa and his parents that he is getting better.

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