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Title Usako Tada.(Thank Father) Lyrics By Marshal Neferia


Yea to day is the joyful day come on where are the sick there’s victory here, I can see healing there’s hand of God moving around come stand up and praise the lord, God is mighty I can see everything turning around.


Usako Tada you are the reason that I sing.
Usako Tada you the melody in my heart.2x


God of wonders is here, yea miracle and peace is in our mist, I see every pains going, peace has come in, I see every tears wipt joy of the Lord is in our mist, everything is turning around Yaweh is here, so lift your hands raise your voice and say yeap.

Verse 2

It doesn’t matter what you see God of favor is here, it doesn’t matter how you feel miracle Jesus is in this place, he has given us victory all our shames are wipt his glory is in this place raise your voice and say


come on stand up let’s praise the Lord he is Mighty everything is turning around the joy of the Lord is here I can see the peace of God moving around come on stand up

Halelujah Halelujah Halelujah Halilu Halilu Halilu Halill.

Written by Marshal Neferia

Written by MNM

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